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The Colorado Center for Implant and Prosthetic Dentistry has provided dental implants, denture, full-mouth reconstruction, and maxillofacial prosthetics services for more than 20 years. As leaders in the industry and centrally located within the Denver metro area, we are here to help you determine the right plan for you. Our onsite laboratory ensures fast results. Improve your smile and quality of life today.

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As an experienced Prosthodontist, I feel it is crucial to address the common mistakes I see countless patients make when deciding to get dental implants.
Oral cancer accounts for roughly 3% of all cancers diagnosed annually in the United States. 3% adds up to roughly 53,000 new cases each year. Oral cancer often occurs in people over the age of 40. However, as a man, you are twice as likely to develop types of oral cancer than women. If you are older than 45 have, you have an increased risk of oral cancer. However, oral cancer can develop in people of any age.

Dentures vs Implants

According to the latest census, about 40 million people in the USA are edentulous, and about 15 million are edentulous in one arch. So many people are living their lives without the quality they can enjoy. People suffer every day due to lack of confidence, poor diet, and poor looks. Many people who have traditional dentures are unhappy due to their prostheses moving around as they speak and developing sore spots.

We Offer More than Just a Pretty Smile at Colorado Center for Implant and Prosthetic Dentistry

Gum disease, tooth decay, trauma to the face or mouth, tooth wear, birth anomalies, and cancer of the head or neck can all result in tooth damage or tooth loss. Tooth loss or damage can be much more than simply embarrassing; it can lead to discomfort and pain, as well as diminish your ability to speak or chew food comfortably. When a patient is unable to chew food properly, it is much harder to eat a balanced diet and can lead to changes in overall health. Not only do we work to restore your self-confidence and comfort, but we also seek to provide you with an experience that is compassionate, considerate, and attentive to all of your needs.

You are Our Highest Priority

At the Colorado Center for Implant and Prosthetic Dentistry, we are committed to the highest quality of care. We believe that communication is the key to success in dentistry, so we take extra time to understand each patient's specific needs and concerns and discuss all available treatment options.

We pride ourselves on finding practical and affordable solutions for all of our patients, with the ultimate goal of improving their quality of life.

Dr. Kaushal Dhawan is your area Prosthodontist, and his specialty is in the repair and replacement of damaged or missing teeth.

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We have moved to our state-of-the-art surgical center and dental office, custom-built to enhance your patient experience. It’s in the heart of Cherry Creek, and you are going to LOVE it! Come see us and get a free welcome gift at our new location - 3737 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO, 80206 / 720-923-6014.