Full Arch Implants

All on 4 Concept/ Teeth in a Day


For patients who do not want any removable device in their mouth, this is an ideal solution. It is a fixed solution where the teeth go on top of the implants the day they are placed.

They are the treatment of choice for patients who are not happy with their removable dentures which they feel are not providing them with ideal fit, function, of an appreciable social life. 


Types/ Advantages of Full Arch Implants



  • Titanium and Acrylic

    Most common and traditional type. Fabricated with titanium framework and acrylic with high-quality denture teeth. 

  • Full Zirconia

    The entire bridge is made up of Zirconia and porcelain is stacked over it. 

  • Titanium Frame With Individual Porcelain Crowns

    Top of the line prosthesis. 


  • It's FIXED

  • Vastly improved function over removable dentures

  • Marked increase in social and quality of life index

  • Preserves bone

  • Look and feels like your own natural teeth

  • Lasts a long time

All of these options are extremely durable, life like and long term fixed solutions. No matter what condition patient’s teeth are in or even if they have no teeth once the treatment is started they walk out with beautiful fixed teeth. Schedule your consult today with Dr. Maroney and Dr. Dhawan who will spend time understanding your needs and plan the procedure and option that best fits you.

*For additional information on tooth replacement with dental implants, visit the Nobel Biocare Dental Implants Web Page.

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