Full Mouth Reconstruction/ Full Mouth Rehabilitation


This is the process where all or almost all of the teeth in patient’s mouth have to be rebuilt, restored or replaced. This usually happens due to an internal or external acid attack on teeth like in case of severe acid reflux, bulimia or chronic vomiting, eating acidic food or chronic sucking of lemons, etc.

Other causes can be severe grinding of teeth due to bite issues or habits. The same issues can arise in some patients if they have conditions like amelogenesis or dentinogenesis imperfecta or ectodermal dysplasia. These can be part of certain syndromes also. 


As a Prosthodontists Dr. Maroney and Dr. Dhawan are specialists trained to recognize and treat these issues. They have a dedicated team of other professionals around as many times the treatment involves specialists from other fields also.

The thorough knowledge of occlusion, material science, and jaw functions and teeth position let them restore the patient back to optimum health, function and beautiful smile.

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If you’ve been considering dental implants tooth replacement, or if you have further questions about any type of tooth replacement therapy, get in touch with your Dental Implants Specialists at The Colorado Center for Implant and Prosthetic Dentistry.