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Teeth In A Day

Teeth In A Day Video Blog**

In this video blog post, we discuss the practice of having your teeth replaced in a single day; how it works; how effective it is; and whether the new teeth are permanent.

Complete replacement of your teeth in a single day is not a new idea, having been around for more than a decade. The procedure is actually fairly simple in practice. However, while it is possible to have your teeth removed and replaced with dental implants in a single visit, the teeth with which you leave are, in the majority of cases, not permanent replacements.

Of course, since human beings need to eat, and this is difficult to do without teeth, the teeth-in-a-day replacement practice has become quite popular. you will however need to return for permanent tooth replacement within a few months, once your gums and jaw have healed form the original removal and replacement.

Types of tooth replacement available in a single visit**

The temporary tooth replacement available in a single visit will most often be an implant, with new teeth attached. Once you mouth has healed from this oral surgery, usually within about three months or so, you will return for your permanent tooth replacement therapy: including permanent bridge, dentures, or crowns.

This can be done with a single tooth, a bridge, or an entire mouth full of teeth. Teeth-in-a-day replacement therapy can also be done with a snap-on denture.

The thing to remember is that all types of teeth in a day replacements are temporary, because your mouth will require time to heal form the removal of your old teeth and the placement of your new dental implants. While this tooth replacement therapy does save time, you will need to see your dentist again to receive your permanent dental replacements."

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