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Mistakes to avoid while getting dental implants

Posted On: Mar 30, 2022

As an experienced Prosthodontist, I feel it is crucial to address the common mistakes I see countless patients make when deciding to get dental implants.
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Types of oral cancer affecting the mouth and what can a prosthodontist do to help?

Posted On: Aug 4, 2021

Oral cancer accounts for roughly 3% of all cancers diagnosed annually in the United States. 3% adds up to roughly 53,000 new cases each year. Oral cancer often occurs in people over the age of 40. However, as a man, you are twice as likely to develop types of oral cancer than women. If you are older than 45 have, you have an increased risk of oral cancer. However, oral cancer can develop in people of any age.
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Dentures vs Implants

Posted On: Jun 3, 2021

According to the latest census, about 40 million people in the USA are edentulous, and about 15 million are edentulous in one arch. So many people are living their lives without the quality they can enjoy. People suffer every day due to lack of confidence, poor diet, and poor looks. Many people who have traditional dentures are unhappy due to their prostheses moving around as they speak and developing sore spots.
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Prosthodontist’s view Patient expectations and satisfaction in dental treatment–part 1

Posted On: Oct 14, 2020

As a practicing and teaching Prosthodontist Dr. Kaushal Dhawan is uniquely positioned to do patient assessments and come up with an ideal treatment plan specifically tailored for the patient needs. In order to provide comprehensive treatment and meet patient expectations with highest standards it is important to learn as much as possible about the patient itself.
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Total Tooth Replacement – Know Your Options

Posted On: Jan 3, 2018

Dentures for total tooth replacement have actually been in use for centuries, using wood and other materials. However, we’ve learned much about replacing teeth since then. Total tooth replacement in the 21st Century is far more advanced and comfortable than ever before. Using the modern compounds, as well as improved dental implant technology to anchor your dental prosthetic; your new teeth can provide you with a lifetime of comfortable eating and beautiful smiles.
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Custom Denture – Custom Fitted for Custom Comfort

Posted On: Dec 29, 2017

The Colorado Center for Implant and Prosthetic Dentistry, Dr. Kaushal Dhawan is a custom denture specialist, offering the most personalized, most customized denture fitting service in the Denver metro area. With the help of the latest technology, as well as superior training, Dr. Kaushal Dhawan can fabricate your new dentures in-house – with no outside lab involved – ensuring a custom, comfortable fit.
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Oral Health and Heart Disease are Related

Posted On: Dec 22, 2017

An extensive study was carried out by the University of Helsinki and The National Institute for Health and Welfare. This study found a correlation between tooth loss and future cardiovascular events, diabetes and death. Further, as the study found, advanced tooth loss can indicate that you have a history of inflammatory oral diseases. This confirms that oral health and heart disease are related.
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Oral Health News - Good News Predominates

Posted On: Nov 18, 2017

We finally have some good news to report about oral health in the US!
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Gum Disease Remains a Problem

Posted On: Nov 14, 2017

Despite the ease with which this infection can be prevented, one of the more pervasive diseases in the US today is Periodontal Disease, more commonly known as gum disease. As your Littleton area Prosthodontist, it grieves us greatly to know so many patients suffer from tooth loss because of this largely preventable oral disease, simply because of poor oral hygiene, or from smoking cigarettes.
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Diabetes is Often a Cause of Gum Disease

Posted On: Nov 12, 2017

We’ve discussed the link between diabetes and gum disease at some length here at the Dental Health Blog. In many cases, such articles link diabetes as a symptom of gum disease. However, there is new and growing evidence that diabetes is often a cause of gum disease, as well.
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Dental Implants and Jawbone Loss

Posted On: Oct 31, 2017

One of the more troubling aspects of tooth loss is the resulting jawbone loss. Unfortunately, with each tooth you lose you also lose the tooth root. This results in the inevitable loss of bone mass in the area of the loss. Replacing your bone can be difficult and expensive. When too much mass is lost, the result can be facial collapse. Facial Collapse results in you looking older than you really are.
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Don’t Be Afraid of Wearing Dentures.

Posted On: Oct 24, 2017

Human beings have been using dentures for hundreds of years. From wood to ivory, from gold to silver, and now modern composites. False teeth have been used to help people who’ve lost their teeth to eat and function "normal". What this means is that we have extensive experience in fabricating them. There is no reason to be afraid of wearing dentures.
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How to Survive Halloween Candy for Your Family

Posted On: Oct 17, 2017

As your Centennial Prosthodontist, we would like to offer some timely advice about the types of Halloween candy children should be allowed to eat after a night of trick-or-treat pleasure this Halloween. By the way, if you're an adult who enjoys indulging your sweet tooth, you will also benefit from this advice about the safest candy for your teeth.
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Total Tooth Replacement for Older Adults

Posted On: Oct 15, 2017

According to the Oral Health web page of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of adults aged 65 and older no longer have any natural teeth remaining. The CDC also estimates the size of this age group to be more than 41 million. Meaning that more than 10 million Americans of retirement age need total tooth replacement. Since this is also the fastest growing age group in the US, as the Baby Boomer generation reaches retirement age, this problem will continue to grow.
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Women and Gum Disease

Posted On: Oct 2, 2017

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, there are a few characteristics that are unique to women. These charactaristics may increase their vulnerability to gum disease. Of course, whatever the cause, there are things that all women can do to prevent gum disease.
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Gum Inflammation Disease Linked to Overall Health of Your Body

Posted On: Sep 26, 2017

Numerous studies have found definitive links between gum inflammation and heart problems, stroke, stomach problems, diabetes, and problems with pregnancy. For years humans accepted that the bacteria in plaque that builds up between the teeth and gums can enter the bloodstream. The bacteria throughout your body can cause other serious health problems.
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The Truth about Teeth in a Day Tooth Replacement Therapy

Posted On: Sep 23, 2017

Of course, not every patient is happy with this answer, and we have television, radio, and internet advertising to thank for this. There is no "One size fits all solution" with any medical procedure, and tooth replacement therapies are no different. While some patients merely need a cracked tooth capped, others may need total tooth replacement.
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7 Most Popular Toothpaste Brands

Posted On: Sep 17, 2017

Most dentists say if the toothpaste contains fluoride and is FDA-approved, it will be effective. Then they’ll remind you that proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing are the keys to lasting dental health.
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Gum Disease Connected to Systemic Diseases

Posted On: Sep 3, 2017

Oral infection does affect the course and pathogenesis of a number of systemic diseases. Such as cardiovascular disease, bacterial pneumonia, diabetes mellitus, and low birth weight.
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5 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy for Life

Posted On: Aug 27, 2017

While it may seem an obvious, basic oral hygiene is the key to helping you keep your teeth healthy for life. And, while we’ve all been taught the basics since childhood, a gentle reminder can never hurt.
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