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Mistakes to avoid while getting dental implants

As an experienced Prosthodontist, I feel it is crucial to address the common mistakes I see countless patients make when deciding to get dental implants.

Not finding an experienced dental specialist

Often, people end up with doctors just starting their dental implant surgery journey who advertise low costs to gain experience and volume/patients. These general dentists have done single implants; however, when it comes to an entire arch case, they don’t have the experience. An experienced specialist can properly diagnose and plan the number of implants and final prosthesis teeth based on the patient’s specific needs. In other words, a specialist provides a custom treatment option and plan made just for you. A good analogy would be: if you need heart surgery, would you go to a more experienced Cardiovascular surgeon who does it routinely, or would you go to a general surgeon?

Assuming your only option is either a simple denture or All on 4 type denture

Many patients who lose all their teeth assume that the path going forward is either dentures or fixed teeth on dental implants. However, there are so many options available in between that allow the patient a desired functional and esthetic result. A prosthodontist can plan and provide you with these different options based on your needs.

Research about the brand and types of implants/falling for the cheapest option

Many clinic/doctors outside of the USA will offer you treatment at a much lower cost. Unfortunately, saving money can mean patients get implants that may not be approved by the FDA and often end up with failed implants. If there are complications, the patient is limited to going back to the original clinic and spending the money on travel and time lost getting there or starting all over again if they want treatment appropriately done with superior quality implants and materials.

Not managing your expectations

Not all patients are candidates for fixed implant dentures in the same way as all the patients with simple dentures must live and suffer with them even when implant options are possible. The best way to find out if you are a candidate for implants is to visit a dental implant specialist and go over their options.

People also think that teeth in a day means they get final teeth in one day. That is not correct. After surgery, the patient most likely walks out with fixed temporary teeth. The temporary teeth allow the implants and gums to heal. The healing process usually takes 3-4 months; then, the dentist begins the process to fabricate your final teeth. The healing time is necessary for proper contouring around your gums as they heal and shrink after extractions.

Not checking for technology and labs used

Patients should check if the clinic has the current technology like a CBCT machine to check for available bone levels to place i

Not allowing enough time for recovery/ not following instructions

Like discussed earlier, as the implants are healing, temporary teeth only allow for a soft diet. The healing areas need to be kept clean to heal correctly

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