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Prosthodontist’s view Patient expectations and satisfaction in dental treatment–part 1

As a practicing and teaching Prosthodontist Dr. Kaushal Dhawan is uniquely positioned to do patient assessments and come up with an ideal treatment plan specifically tailored for the patient needs. In order to provide comprehensive treatment and meet patient expectations with highest standards it is important to learn as much as possible about the patient itself.

Reasons to see a Prosthodontist:

  • Lack of function - either they are missing teeth or the teeth they have; artificial or natural are not in good shape or position to give them proper masticatory function.
  • Esthetics/looks - people seek dental care as they are not happy about how their teeth or smile looks.
  • Comfort - Patient may have had old dentures etc. which after years of use are now sitting on highly resorbed ridges and are then very uncomfortable. A Prosthodontist like* Dr. Kaushal Dhawan* is trained to work with resorbed ridges to provide high quality dentures even if dental implants are not possible.
  • Quality of life - For many patients it’s the quality of life issue. Patients have and are used to their lifestyle. They eat certain kind of food, they enjoy certain activities and not all options of replacing teeth can bring them back or to their expectations. Prosthodontist like Dr. Kaushal Dhawan can provide patients with options like removable palate less dentures to all fixed options depending on patient’s expectations and life style.

At Colorado Center for Implant and Prosthetic Dentistry we give greatest importance to our initial patient interview.

What do we want to know (keys to Patient expectations and satisfaction in dental treatment by a prosthodontist):**

  • Why are you/patient seeking care?
  • What is the chief concern?
  • What are the causes that brought you to this point that you have to see a prosthodontist?
  • Detailed medical history
  • Current pain, discomfort or sensitivity
  • Esthetic or functional concerns
  • Quality of life issues
  • What is the end goal in mind after all is said and done?

Our patient satisfaction is the most important goal. We believe understanding and successfully managing patient’s expectations is the key to achieve excellent result. Come see us for initial consult and treatment options.

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