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Don’t Be Afraid of Wearing Dentures.

Human beings have been using dentures for hundreds of years. From wood to ivory, from gold to silver, and now modern composites. False teeth have been used to help people who’ve lost their teeth to eat and function "normal". What this means is that we have extensive experience in fabricating them. There is no reason to be afraid of wearing dentures.

Of course, as dental technology has progressed, so has the design and manufacturing of dentures. Whether you need a full set or a partial. In fact, today’s version of false teeth is more comfortable and effective than they have ever been. And yet, people being people, believe a number of misconceptions about dentures that persist, despite the improvements we’ve made.

Common Misconceptions About Dentures

While each of these was true "back in the day" most of these issues have been long resolved and need not concern you if you’re considering dentures as a tooth replacement therapy.


No one wants their teeth popping out of their mouth in a social situation, or moving about while trying to eat. The superior fit that is achievable with contemporary technology makes denture slippage a thing of the past. For an even more secure fit, using dental implants to anchor your dentures ensures they will never get away from you.

Eating is harder

"I can’t eat steak or corn on the cob with dentures." Who says so? In fact, eating with dentures is easily accomplished once you learn the technique . You can enjoy most of your favorite foods even with just properly fitting dentures. However, if you really want to eat a full diet, implant dentures are the way to go.

Everyone will know

Dentures make sucking sounds, have a denture smell, and your dentures will slip and click when you talk. In fact, dentures today are made so realisticly that no one will know you have them. A proper fit, with regular checkups for adjustments and cleanings will eliminate other possible issues with your dentures.

Look and feel old

Many patients fear loss of jaw bone from wearing dentures, making them look and feel older. The truth is, jaw bone loss is the result of having your teeth removed. In fact, it is inevitable at any age. If you are concerned about this, we can give you implant dentures that will prevent the loss of your jawbone.


Stories of discomfort from dentures can rival tales of medieval torture. Such is NOT the case with modern dentures. With digital measuring technology and fabrication, contemporary dentures can be so comfortable that people want to have them in.

Dr. Dhawan is a denture specialist. He is an expert at fixing old, loose dentures – and at scanning, designing, and fabricating new custom-fitted dentures. Using the latest technology to improve the design, fit, and implementation, he fabricates your dentures himself.

Dr. Dhawan and staff at The Colorado Center for Implants and Prosthetic Dentistry, are your full-service Littleton dental implants specialist and experts in total tooth replacement. If you would like more information on your family’s dental needs, make an appointment today.

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