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New Teeth in One Visit

"Can I really get all of my teeth replaced in just one visit?"

I hear this question from patients on an almost daily basis lately and, while the answer is often "Yes," it also comes with qualifications.

I attribute the interest in one day tooth replacement to the massive TV advertising campaign currently being run by a national chain of dental implant offices. Frankly, I find this advertising distressing, and not a little misleading because, while it is possible to replace a mouthful of teeth in one visit – for a relatively small number of patients – it is nearly always a temporary fix.

Problems with "Teeth in a day" therapies

Many patients visit who our Littleton dental implants office, tired of losing teeth or frustrated with poorly fitted dentures, are looking for a quick fix to their tooth loss problems. Many times they’ve seen multiple advertisements about "Teeth in a day" tooth replacements on TV, and are hoping we can provide this service. Believe me, it’s just as frustrating for me to tell them the ads are not accurate and that, in most cases, this is simply not realistic.

The placing of dental implants is actually considered a surgical procedure, as the titanium implant must be inserted into the jaw bone. As with any surgery, the body must be allowed to heal for the procedure to become a long-term solution. Healing takes time, of course, and time must be allowed for the healing process before your new, permanent teeth can be affixed to your implants.

So, while we are able to place temporary caps or dentures on your new implants, giving you serviceable replacement teeth in a single visit, we must also be patient and allow your mouth the time required for the healing process to take place. Once your mouth is completely healed, usually within 4-6 months, we can affix your permanent tooth replacements to your new titanium implants.

The advertising you’ve been seeing on television lately is part of a huge national advertising camping for a chain of dental implant offices who offer a single, high-profit tooth replacement therapy – dental implants. By offering only one therapy, they are able to reduce expenses and training for their techs, boosting the profitability of the procedure to abnormal levels.

CCIPD is your Littleton dental implants specialist, we are not a "one-size-fits-all" prosthodontic office. Instead, we offer a range of tooth replacement therapies, with the singular goal of offering you the best possible solution to your tooth loss dilemma.

Dr. Kaushal Dhawan is your full-service Littleton dental implants specialist. If you would like more information on your particular dental needs, make an appointment with Dr. Dhawan today.

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