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Single Tooth Immediate Implants

Single Tooth Immediate Implants Video Blog**

In this video blog post, we discuss the immediate replacement of a single tooth with a dental implant.

As the name implies, this procedure involves removal of a single tooth, followed by the immediate replacement with a dental implant. The location of the tooth may be anywhere within the mouth; front, side, or rear. However, the patient must be infection free and there must be adequate bone to accept the dental implant. This will be determined with a thorough clinical examination and dental x-ray to determine that there is adequate bone structure to receive the dental implant, and that the patient’s mouth is free of infection.

See how a temporary dental implant is installed**

An immediate tooth replacement is a temporary procedure because the area of the surgery will require time to heal after the removal of your tooth and the placement of an implant.

After removal of the tooth to be replaced, a "socket" will remain. At this point, Dr. Maroney will choose an implant of the appropriate size to replace the tooth-root which has been removed. Using a driver tool the implant is then threaded into to socket site, just like a screw, placing the implant at the proper depth within the remaining bone. This is followed by the placement of a temporary "abutment," which will accept a temporary crown which is seated onto the abutment to replace the tooth that has been removed. You will now have a temporary tooth replacement in place, allowing you to eat normally.

Once the surgical site has healed, usually after about three months, the temporary tooth replacement is removed and a permanent abutment and crown are placed. The permanent crown, or impression post, will be fashioned from ceramic for a life-long tooth replacement.

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