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Tooth Replacement Therapy – Replace Teeth in a Day

Once again, this subject has us frustrated here at The Dental Health Blog. It seem no matter how often we answer the question, "Can you replace teeth in a day?" we’re asked again. This is not to say we resent patients asking, it’s just that we can’t help but wonder how those who promote this type of service continue to get away with their misleading advertising.

As we've said before, so many times, the "replace teeth in a day" process is possible, and available – BUT – only in a very small percentage of cases. The chances that you may actually be one of these few cases are skim indeed. In fact, the single day tooth replacement therapy most commonly offered is temporary only, with patients requiring time to heal from having their teeth removed, and their implants placed, before a permanent solution can also be put in place.

It must be remembered that dental implant placement involves oral surgery, and surgery requires healing. This healing, of the gums and bone that is affected, takes time. Once you’ve healed however, the fitting and placement of your new teeth upon the implants will enhance your smile, making eating far more comfortable than before, and boost your confidence in your appearance. For us, there is nothing quite like the joy we see in our patients faces once their dental implants and prosthetics are in place!

Here are three things to keep in mind as you try to understand the claims of dental practitioners who claim they can offer you "Replace teeth in a day" tooth replacement therapy:

  • For the vast majority of patients, tooth replacement therapy will usually involve the placement of a temporary dental prosthetic device at the time of tooth removal.
  • Most patients will wear this temporary device as they heal healing from the dental implant surgery phase, prior to the final work of creating and fitting a permanent dental prosthetic.
  • Each patient is different, requiring an in-depth evaluation and consultation with a knowledgeable, experienced prosthetic dental professional, before it can be determined whether or not you are a viable candidate for a "replace teeth in a day" tooth replacement therapy protocol.

The doctors and staff at The Colorado Center for Implant and Prosthetic Dentistry are fully committed to helping you determine effective solutions to all of your dental problems. If you would like more information from your Littleton area Prosthodontist, please call to make an appointment today.

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