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Dental Health Blog – Dentures in a Day

Modern implant-based dentistry has provided a solution to the typical "toothless patient" that traditional dentures could not provide – immediate functionality with substantially increased quality of life – and a beautiful new smile in a day.

While it must be said that not every patient will qualify for a mouthful of new teeth in a day, if you are one of the many who can do so, it is possible for us to fabricate a new set of dentures in a day for you to wear comfortably.

Teeth in a day**

Whenever possible, this is accomplished through a prosthesis, often called "snap-on teeth" held firmly in place by four dental implants. These are known as implant supported dentures. This type of procedure not only provides a type of comfort and security you are unlikely to enjoy with traditional dentures but, equally important, these implants will help to preserve the bone in your jaw.

The use of implant supported dentures will go a long way toward eliminating the frustrations and discomforts of traditional dentures, allowing you to enjoy the same freedom to eat anything you choose, just as you did with your natural teeth.

Get a new smile in a day

Of course, you will still need to return for check-ups and possible adjustments over the next several weeks and months. After about six months your gums should have fully healed, and your implants will have fused to the natural bone, effectively replacing the roots of the teeth you’ve lost. At this time, we will take new impressions of your mouth, and prepare a final, stronger, permanent set of teeth – adjusted to a perfect fit. This helps ensure the longest life of your new teeth, and provide maximum support, beauty, and function to the patient.

The doctors and staff at the The Colorado Center for Implants and Prosthetic Dentistry, are your full-service Littleton dental implants specialist and experts in all types of tooth replacement therapy. If you would like more information on your family’s dental needs, make an appointment today.

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