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7 Worst Foods for Your Teeth

Of course, when it comes to foods that are bad for your teeth, the worst offenders will usually fall into three types: sugars that increase cavity-causing acids, hard substances that weaken tooth enamel, and liquids that dry out your mouth. If you find it impossible to stop ingesting these foods, immediately rinsing your mouth with water will help, while regular brushing and flossing remains critical.

  • Chewing Ice – while nice on a hot summer’s day (and kind of fun too), can damage tooth enamel, leaving your teeth vulnerable loosened dental work and chipping your teeth.
  • Dried Fruit – though marketed as a "healthy alternative" to other types of snacks, tends to become stuck in gaps between your teeth, leaving concentrated natural sugars behind, which also leaves the acid-producing bacteria that causes tooth decay.
  • White Bread – Huh? Yep, the starches in white bread (and pasta) carry nearly as much sugar as candy. Once your saliva begins to break them down, the sweet, soft paste created can cling to your teeth, again creating a haven for cavity-causing bacteria to grow.
  • Alcohol and Caffeine – Oh no, you think, not more bad news about alcohol and caffeinated drinks! Yes, well, these beverages can lead to dry mouth, which is another contributing factor leading to cavities.
  • Sour Candy – can be even worse for your teeth than sweet candy. The high acid in these tasty treats can damage tooth enamel and, even worse, brushing immediately after enjoying them can make the damage even worse!
  • Berries and Beets – known as "hyper-pigmented foods" these healthy foods tend to deposit color on your teeth even as you enjoy them. Rinsing with water immediately will help to limit the staining.
  • Soda Pop – Do we even need to mention this? Yes, because of the triple danger to your teeth when you drink soda: 1) you are literally drowning your teeth in sugar, 2) as well as acid, 3) and likely staining your teeth and ruining your smile at the same time! Not only are these drinks costly in the short term (t the grocery store), but the long-term costs can be astounding.

The simplest and easiest way to protect your teeth from cavities and stains these foods and drinks can cause is to keep a glass of water nearby at all times. A quick sip or swirl can wash away sugars, dislodge food particles, and dilute residue from dark-colored drinks.

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