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Study: Energy Drinks are Bad for your Teeth

Who knew there could be so many ways to affect your oral health and harm your teeth? At the Dental Health Blog, our goal is to keep you informed on the latest news that can help you maintain or improve your dental health for the long term.

According to a recent study from the Australian Dental Association, the increasing popularity and use of energy drinks and other sports drinks can lead to deteriorating oral health. Considering the long-term effects of the daily intake of energy drinks, Dr. Peter Alldritt, the chairman of the dental health committee, urged the athletes to drink water instead.

Too much sugar in energy drinks

As Dr. Alldritt explained, "the excessive sugar and acid levels in the energy drinks could result in erosion of the protective layer of the teeth, leading to tooth decay due to acid erosion," with some of these popular drinks containing a full six to eight teaspoons of sugar per serving.

The study was performed in Australia, where researchers found that among the 1,200 Australians surveyed, some 50% of adults and 30% of children consume sports drinks on a weekly basis. Many of them also believe that these drinks are "a healthy alternative" to regular soft drinks, which is untrue, of course.

According to a recent article in the New York Times, many health professionals are worried about the amount of caffeine being consumed in these drinks, yet the Australian study adds fuel to the fire for an industry expected to reach $21 billion in sales by the year 2017 in the US alone. That is an awful lot of sugar being washed over the teeth of Americans.

The best way to energize your body is to eat a healthy diet, while hydration is best performed by drinking water. If you feel that you simply must get a blast of sugar and caffeine to keep yourself going at times, the least you can do to protect your teeth from the sugar and acids in these drinks is to rinse your mouth with water after drinking one.

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