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Total Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

Whether you're looking for total tooth replacement or partial tooth replacement, dental implants are a remarkably effective tooth replacement therapy for most people of virtually any age. A dental procedure that anchors a new, "artificial tooth" using a surgically-placed titanium post, implant dentistry is considered a "modern miracle" by those with missing teeth that are now able to smile and eat the foods they love again.

We have used dental implants to replace a single missing tooth, to replace an entire mouthful of teeth, and to support and lock-in a new set of dentures. Most patients can greatly benefit from the placement of dental implants and, for these patients, the advantages of this procedure, relative to comfort and lifestyle, are extraordinary. However, not everyone is a viable candidate for dental implant therapy, and should consult a prosthodontic specialist for an evaluation and alternatives.

Advantages of Dental Implant Tooth Replacement Therapy

  • Implants help restore proper chewing function, allowing you to eat the foods you’ve always loved.
  • Dental implants prevent bone loss and jawbone shrinkage by "mimicking" the roots of natural teeth.
  • Fixed in place: implants do not move or loosen.
  • Implants are the most authentic replication of your natural teeth in terms of look, feel, and functionality.
  • No gooey, unpleasant adhesives.
  • No unsightly hooks or clasps that place damaging pressure on remaining natural teeth.
  • Elimination of gum pain and irritation.
  • Through Osseo integration (the fusing of bone to the titanium implant), dental implants actually become part of your body.

Dr. Maroney has performed thousands of dental implant surgeries. Unlike many dentists, he performs the entire procedure right here in our office, from the surgical implantation of the titanium post to the fabrication and placement of your prosthetic teeth. Because of this, you will not be forced to travel from office to office for various, related dental treatments. Instead, you will receive all of your tooth replacement treatments here, in our comfortable Littleton office, from the treating doctor who has designed and implemented your treatment plan.

The doctors and staff at The Colorado Center for Implant and Prosthetic Dentistry are available to help you determine effective solutions to all of your dental problems, including total tooth replacement. If you would like more information from your Littleton area Prosthodontist, please call to make an appointment today.

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