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Immediate Tooth Replacement Therapy

Losing a tooth can be an emotional experience, especially if it has happened for the first time. It can be embarrassing, while also making eating your favorite foods a challenge. For these reasons and more, quick tooth replacement therapy is a priority for most people. How long you should wait before an implant can be placed depends on the location of the extracted tooth and the integrity and quality of its supporting bone.

There are three basic timelines for an effective tooth replacement therapy:

Replace Teeth in a Day**

If the extracted tooth is an incisor, canine, or a narrow-rooted premolar with healthy surrounding bone and no major infection, it may be possible to place a dental implant immediately following the extraction. This is known as immediate implant and is quite successful as long as it is done in right circumstances. The implant is usually ready for the final crown after three to six months of healing.

Immediate Implant Surgery and Placement**

If the extracted tooth is a molar or a multi-rooted premolar with healthy surrounding bone, then it is best to delay the implant placement for two to three months. During this period, the bone heals and the site becomes better suited to accept a dental implant. While this means a second surgery, the implant success becomes much more predictable. Early implant placement may also be appropriate for incisors or canines if they have very wide roots, or when immediate implant placement is simply too risky for several possible reasons.

Delayed Implant Surgery and Placement**

If there is bone loss due to gum disease or infection, then it is best to extract the tooth, clean the site, and then graft the extraction site to rebuild its proper form and architecture. After a five

  • to six-month healing period, the implant may then be placed.

Despite what you may have seen and heard on television and radio, immediate tooth replacement therapy with dental implants may not be possible for you. As outlined above, there are a variety of factors which will determine how quickly you lost tooth, or teeth, can be replaced.

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