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Single Tooth Replacement with Dental Implants

"Back in the day" as they say, when you lost your teeth due to decay and/or gum disease, you would head to your local dentist and get fitted with a set of dentures. This was the best dental care available for lost teeth at the time. For generations of patients thereafter, better care and oral health meant that fewer teeth were lost, and those were commonly replaced with crowns and bridgework. For decades, this was considered the "state of the art" dental care.

Now, thanks to technology and the creative minds of many, today we have dental implants to offer as an alternative. Implants are actually titanium screws that are placed into the old jaw socket of your missing tooth, effectively replacing the lost tooth root. Once the screw has been set in place, a crown is used to replace your lost tooth. The result is, you have an implant in the jaw attached to a crown which is the visible tooth in your mouth. Dental implants have become the generally preferred tooth replacement therapy for patients who’ve lost teeth.

Implant Tooth Replacement Therapy

The greatest drawback to dental implant therapy in the past has been expense. The process was largely confined to a few oral surgeons here and there, while truly affordable dental implants simply were not a realistic option for most patients. Today, it seems like dentists everywhere can offer affordable dental implants.

While it cannot be said that dental implants have become cheap, and they still seem to be a mystery to many people, the Dental Health Blog would like to eliminate some of the confusion surrounding affordable dental implants.

As mentioned above, dental implants have become the preferred choice for replacing a single missing tooth. If you have a tooth that has become un-savable due to a fracture or gum disease, or you have already lost a tooth, it would commonly be replaced with a bridge. While this procedure will "fill the gap" and replace the missing tooth, the lost root cannot be replaced this way. this can lead to more problems down the road.

For a dental implant however, the damaged tooth is removed and your dental professional will perform a bone graft to help fill the void left in the jaw but the missing root. The area is then allowed to heal for three months or so. Following the healing period, your dental implant will be placed in the previous extraction site and allowed to heal for another three months. Following the second healing period, a dental crown is attached to the implant and the procedure is officially complete.

Generally, it will require three dental visits, two surgeries, and one year to complete the dental implant/dental crown tooth replacement therapy, with a cost that is similar to that of a bridge to replace your missing tooth.

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