As we all recall from our own childhood, and perhaps from raising children as well, losing teeth is normal for children at some point in their development. Eventually, their “baby teeth” fall out and permanent teeth replace them. This is to be expected (that’s what the Tooth Fairy is for, right?). However, loose teeth in older children or adults is nearly always a sign of gum disease, or periodontal disease, and immediate treatment is required to save the loose tooth.

Excluding direct trauma to your mouth, a bite injury or tumor, diseased gums are the most likely cause of loose teeth. The bacterial infection beneath your gums can damage the root of your tooth, as well as the ligament that holds them in place. The infected area will commonly become inflamed and quite painful when trying to chew food. Further, this damage will cause your infected tooth to become loose and, if left untreated, the ligament will separate and the tooth will fall out.

Can your Loose Tooth be Saved?

Perhaps, depending upon the seriousness of your infection and the extent of the damage done to the root and ligament of your affected tooth.

Extensive cleaning from your dental professional, treatment for a tooth abscess, splinting, or a bite adjustment may be used to try and save your loose tooth. If the damage is extensive however, you will likely need a tooth replacement; either a dental bridge or dental implant to replace the tooth you’ve lost.

Prevention is the first step to avoiding loose teeth and tooth loss, including twice daily brushing and flossing after every meal. Particularly if your family history shows a history of tooth loss, care must be taken form an early age to discipline children in the steps toward proper dental hygiene and care of their teeth and gums.

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