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Electric Toothbrush – Is It a Good Christmas Present?

Does an electric toothbrush make a good Christmas present? Brushing and flossing are the keys to maintaining dental health, and keeping your natural teeth for a lifetime – not to mention maintaining a beautiful smile. Yet, we regularly hear from folks who do not brush and/or floss regularly, who then wonder why they have to come to us to help them cope with lost teeth.

A thorough brushing twice a day does more than simply clean your teeth; it also cleans and massages the tissues of your gums, improving blood flow and increasing the overall health of your mouth. At the same time, flossing takes care of all those "hard to reach places" between your teeth, while also massaging the gums between them. It simply cannot be said enough how important it is to brush your teeth twice a day, and to floss at least once each day.

Should you invest in an electric toothbrush?

If you're trying to avoid total tooth replacement in your lifetime, or even partial tooth loss, it may be wise to invest in an electric toothbrush, which will probably more effective than brushing by hand. It may even be wise to spend the extra cash for a sonic toothbrush, which do tend to be more expensive. Why is this the case? Well, according to the health site WebMD, a very strong argument can be made for investing in a more powerful brushing instrument for your teeth.

These simple facts alone go a long way toward making a "power assist" while brushing a valuable choice – and a good Christmas present. For those who have trouble brushing their teeth for physical reasons, arthritis for example, it’s a real no-brainer. For the rest of us, experience tells us that those who use either electric or sonic toothbrushes do tend toward healthier teeth, and a healthier mouth inn general.

Cost of an electric toothbrush

The price of an electric toothbrush can vary greatly, usually depending on the quality of the tool. Simple electric brushes may range from $5-$25, while more advanced, rechargeable versions may go for as much as $200. A quality sonic toothbrush will likely set you back about $100-$150. Of course, regardless of which toothbrush you decide to buy, the key to maintaining a healthy mouth and teeth is to use regularly, and to brush for at least three minutes twice a day.

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