With Christmas just around the corner, many of you will be considering electronic gifts for someone close to you. Since offering advice on electric shavers or tablet computers is not exactly in the wheelhouse of the Dental Health Blog, we thought it might be helpful to offer some insight into electric toothbrushes. Beyond the general information we offered about them back in January, “Electric Toothbrushes – Are they Worth the Money?”, we thought it might be helpful in this gift-giving season to share some insight into the best electric toothbrushes for you and your family.

For most of the information shared here, we relied on the folks at TheSweetHome.com, an increasingly popular website that offers home product reviews or, as they put it, “A billboard for electronics and everyday things.”

Electric toothbrush features

The first thing to consider is this: electric toothbrushes are some 10 times more expensive than manual brushes. Since you must replace the brush heads as often as a traditional brush (every 3 months or so), and contrary to some advertising you may see, they are not less expensive over the long term. However, there is ample research that shows using and electric toothbrush regularly will reduce plaque and gingivitis.

Next, look for a brush with a 2-minute timer feature. Since the average person brushes their teeth for less than a minute (about 46 seconds, actually) the timer virtually guarantees a longer brushing cycle. For the best in oral health, you should always brush your teeth for at least two minutes.

Finally, there is no need to go overboard on the bells and whistles. The more expensive electric brushes include features that you really don’t need, and that most won’t use. So, based on value received, the top two electric toothbrushes currently available are:

  • Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep 1000 – At less than $50, it has the fewest fancy features of the models we tested, but it does have the most important things experts recommend—a built-in 2-minute timer and access to one of the most extensive and affordable lines of replaceable toothbrush heads available—for the lowest price.
  • Philips Sonicare 2 Series – Also available for less than $50, this is one of the least expensive brushes in Sonicare’s line, but still has a 2-minute timer, rechargeable battery, and less noise than our Oral-B pick. This pick has smaller range of brush textures and shapes, but they are all soft and serviceable.

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