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Tooth Replacement Therapy Facts

As your Littleton dental implants specialists, we often speak with patients who tell us they are confused by the phrase, "tooth replacement therapy." As with so many things medical, understatement is not at the top of the list of physicians’ traits. To put it simply, tooth replacement therapy includes all the ways your prosthodontist can replace your teeth for you; from dentures and partials, to crowns and bridges, to dental implants. We are able to replace one tooth, or entire mouth full of teeth for you.

In fact, with the technology available to us today, tooth replacement therapy is more convenient and effective than ever before.

Total tooth replacement

Whether you would like a complete set of dentures, or the more permanent solution of dental implants, patients who've lost all of their teeth will find the various prostheses we use for complete tooth replacement today far more comfortable and convenient than in the past. With the use of digital modeling and fabrication, we are able to provide you with dentures that fit much better than we were able to do using older technologies; while dental implants allow us to create new teeth for you that are, quite nearly, a permanent, life-long solution.

From your initial consultation to a full replacement of your teeth, our doctor, Dr. Jim Maroney, will walk you through the entire process; ensuring you receive the highest quality dental care possible.

Partial tooth replacement

Of course, not every patient requires complete tooth replacement. Some who've lost a single tooth, or a couple of teeth, will only need partial tooth replacement, while still others may simply need a dental crown to repair a chipped or broken tooth. Just as with complete tooth replacement the process has been simplified thanks to advances in technology, as well as improved teaching methods for tooth replacement specialists.

The doctors and staff at The Colorado Center for Implant and Prosthetic Dentistry are available to help you determine effective solutions to all of your dental problems, including total tooth replacement. If you would like more information from your Littleton area Prosthodontist, please call to make an appointment today.

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